The Courage to Actually Use It

Ink & glitter ink on Blue Toned Paper – Words: Goethe

Everyone has gifts and talents they were born with and ones they work hard to develop, sometimes those talents are one in the same. It can be hard for us to recognize our own talents unless someone else points them out. Which means everyone needs to be recognized and encouraged no matter how perfect or professional they may seem.

I experienced today someone using their talents. We were with a very large group in a restaurant and the service was very, very slow. It was one of those places where they give you a number then deliver your meal to your table. My nephew noticed that all our meals were sitting in the pick up window because they were so short staffed. He waited a bit longer, then walked up to the counter and offered to deliver to the patrons their hot meals…which he then did. His talent is being willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means becoming part of the wait staff in order for his team to be served. He delivered the table’s food then sat down to eat his own. THAT is using your talent no matter the situation.

Sometimes we hesitate to use our talent as we do not know how it will be received instead of jumping in and doing what needs to be done. That moment of hesitation costs us more than we realize. When we act with courage we give others permission to do the same. Our actions encourage them to act and grow their own talents. For all this to happen we need to look inside and confirm our own talents, listen to those who are encouraging us, AND have the courage to do what it takes to make things happen. Everyone has talents, what makes us different is the courage to actually use it.

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