Grow Yours So It’s Ready When Bigger and Better Comes Along

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Napoleon I

For a man who wanted to rule the world to say, “Imagination rules the world” …that is saying something. Even Napoleon I knew that nothing happens without an imagination.

My husband and I opened our art gallery in 2010, eleven and a half years ago. We had a second location in Atlanta for five years, and this year we are moving into the online world. I have an international blog, two books in process, am starting another creative adventure in 2022 (more to come next year), and we are remodeling our spaces for classes and workshops. If you had told me about all that before we opened I would NOT have believed it all was possible. My imagination was stunted way back when…

How time and circumstances bring new adventures to our doors. Our imagination can only go so far until we exercise it and train it to get stronger, more resilient and better prepared to accept new ideas. I believe everyone has the power to be successful, what some of us lack is the willingness to get prepared BEFORE we see the opportunities to come. It means push ups, sit ups, exercising our minds and bodies, taking care of our finances, our family, and our spaces BEFORE big things happen. Successful people are often called “lucky” as it seems opportunities are plopped on their doorstep. What we don’t see are the hours, decisions and life choices they have made to make it possible for the plopped opportunity to even have a hope of moving forward. The worked on themselves and in their lives BEFORE they were the successful person we know them as today.

Imagination does rule the world because it takes imagination + hope to live in such a way as to be prepared for the opportunities to come. Not everyone will understand, and not everyone will support the choices that are made…but not everyone lives the life they want because they cannot imagine past the life they see everyone else living. It takes courage to live differently, to live and prepare BEFORE live’s opportunity come to your doorstep.

Use your imagination to dream about the life you want, and start making decisions and choices to prepare for that life. You don’t have to know when, or who, or what it all looks like to get prepared. Dare to live the life you want so you can be trusted with more life than your imagination could ever invent. Believe me, the world rewards those who prepare when everyone is squeaking/eeking by…imagination does rules the world. Grows yours so it is ready when bigger and better comes along.

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