Finding a Bigger Boat

Watercolor and gel pen on Mixed Media paper

It is week forty-six in our year long calligraphy challenge. The challenge this week was to use a famous movie quote, this is the one that came to mind. I was twelve when I saw this movie and it was my first recollection of being terrified. When this line was spoken we all laughed and TOTALLY agreed that they were gonna need a bigger boat!

We’ve all been there. We bite off more than the group can chew and a sense of panic settles onto the team. How are we going to do this? What were we thinking? Then there is usually a loud gulp sound, lots of deep sighs, followed by silence. The wheels begin to grind in everyone’s head pondering what to do next.

Smart leaders give people time to process through their panic. They let the idea settle before trying to swoosh it away with fast talk or fancy promises. Acknowledge the circumstances and let everyone agree on the situation. Next steps need to be processed through by everyone, and then nailed down through leadership and planning. The more everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the solution the more they own it and feel empowered to execute.

Fear and dread can stop a group cold. Letting everyone process their thoughts and emotions helps tackle the fear and dilute the dread. Be the leader that gives everyone space to react and contribute to finding a bigger boat.

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