Give Yourself the Credit that is Due

Ink on mixed media paper- Words:Oscar Wilde

Art and perfection, interesting combination. The Native American Indians understand that nothing is perfect, so if they find that their creation has no flaws they go back and add one into their work. This reminds them that no matter how hard we try nothing is ever perfect. What I appreciate about this quote is that it is only through art that we are able to realize our perfection, as art is a process not a destination.

There is a process to become better than we are today. That process includes trial and error, learning and changing. As we learn and grow our skills build and we are able to create more then we could have imagined possible. It is like reaching a tier, learning more, which takes us to the next level. As that process continues we eventually forget what we have learned as it has become second nature.

My very first calligraphy teacher told us to keep our first piece of work. Then on the days when we think our skills have not increased, pull out that very first piece and be amazed at how much better we are now than then. Let your work serve as a reminder that time, action and learning have a great impact on our abilities even when we cannot see it.

What are you learning? What skills have you improved over time, and what evidence can you see about your progress? If you can’t see it go dig up some old work and remind yourself that you are amazing, talented and becoming a better version of yourself with each thing you tackle. Give yourself the credit you are due and realize that it is only through art and creativity that we become our true selves.

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