Creativity & Efficiency

Coptic bound handmade journal

I attended a Book Arts class last week at the John C Campbell Folk School. I learned how to make hand made books, including how to sew a Coptic binding. This was the second book I completed on my own. I’m not normally a bead person yet I think they add a little something. I included a quote on the cover, of course:

Creativity is to think more efficiently

Pierre Reverdy

During the week our teacher taught us all sorts of ways to save time and effort. It was fantastic to learn the rules then to be given hints on how to break them. Creativity isn’t just about following the normal way of doing things, creativity means being willing to follow a unique path. It means trying new things and seeing how they fit into your world.

Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to cut things to the core of what really matters. Simplify, simplify, simplify. All too often we think up great ideas and include all sorts of fabulous features. It sounds great until our ideas have over complicated everything to the point of inactivity. Too much to include so we shut down out of frustration. Whew! Frustration forces us to cut to the core and think efficient.

Sometimes simple is the best route. Simple highlights the best we have to offer. Simple brings out our best and allows us to include quality. Solid, simple and well done works better than over complicated and buggy. When in doubt, simplify. Be efficient and deliver. Blow their expectations out of the water. Creativity is thinking more efficiently, so let go and bring on the creativity.

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