Send Someone Off Today

Gel pen on black, mixed media paper – Words: Adlai Stevenson

I have a new notebook, filled with black paper. I bought it for fun and have been creating only black and white work. Kinda fun, kind of a challenge, and very much testing my skills and creativity. It is wonderful to think and dream in color, that process can be more daunting when you only implement in black and white.

I was recently with a bunch of creative people and several of our conversations revolved around having fun. Sometimes it is great to create with no intention at all. No orders, no intentions to sell, no intention for anyone else to even see it. To create simply because you can AND want to do it. This black notebook has become that platform for me, many of the pieces inside I will share this month (and already have!).

We all need a place to play. Be it our own backyard or a safe place in our home. We all need to be able to be the master of our domain AND find peace in the ability to create without interruption. For some it is a favorite chair, others use the kitchens table. Some have a dedicated office, studio, workshop or corner, and still others have a place away from where they live that is utilized strictly for creating what they want. There is comfort, safety and peace in having the right place. There is security and freedom when you know you will not be interrupted.

Instead of encouraging you to find your place, what if today you encourage someone you care about to use their creative place? Give them the space, time and freedom to go do, and be with their own thoughts and ideas. Everyone needs and deserves time to themselves to work hard or think long about the things in their heads. We all deserve to have something of our own AND to be able to be there without guilt, to do items or even a clock on the wall. Playing with our ideas and giving in to creative thoughts are the source of inspiration. Send someone off today to be creative and give them the space they deserve to give the world their best.

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