No Matter How Old That Dog is…

Ink & gel pen on blue hue watercolor paper – Words: Isaac Asimov

If you ask anyone who has been alive in the last year and a half, there have been lots of problems. A global pandemic, social distancing, real estate prices sky rocketing, unemployment, employers having trouble finding people who want to work, and all that on top of our everyday life challenges. It was been quite a time to be alive. Most of these problems are not due to knowledge, they are due to ignorance in some form or fashion.

It can be hard to identify when something is due to ignorance, or stupidity. Ignorance can be cured through education, experience, skills training, even through a good conversation. Stupidity is usually a permanent deal. To quote Forest Gump, stupid is as stupid does. Our problems will only be prevented, fixed, or even cured by educating people…our selves included.

I am taking a class this week on making books. Small, creative books that will eventually show up in my art I’m sure. Being a student again has reminded me how much I don’t know. It’s a good thing. Being a student keeps us humble, nimble, open minded AND reminds us that there is more to learn. There is ALWAYS someone who knows more than we do, we just have to be smart enough to know that AND seek out their wisdom to grow our own.

Let me encourage you to seek out something new. Learn more about something you already know. Learn something new. Just go out and learn anything just to remind yourself that no matter how old the dog they can always be taught new tricks. Our problems will not be solved by sitting on our laurels, we need to learn something new even if that means admitting we are not perfect.

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