Take the Time to Learn What You Need to Learn

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: George Washington Carver

It was week forty-two in our fifty week challenge and the prompt was compassion. I had a rough day when the prompt came out, so I thought it may be the universe telling me to think about this topic. I flipped through my favorite quote book and found these words, a home run in terms of focusing on the topic. I pulled out the dictionary and looked up synonyms for each of the key words and began my word study. Once I completed designing and writing the quote, I added all the words from my word study in white ink. They do not show up very well on the big piece, so I have included a photo utilizing my light tablet. The photo below helps you see the ‘hidden’ words.

Light Table View Showing ‘hidden’ Word Study

Once I finished this, I still did not feel compassionate. I thought maybe I would absorb the content more if I designed a completely different version. Same words, same colors, different layout. The second version is below. I ended up working late into the night and once this last version was completed I felt better. I was tired, thought out and had a better understanding of compassion from many sides.

Second Layout of George Washington Carver’s quote

Sometimes we need more than just words to feel something, sometimes we need time. Our emotions have great power over our ability to process or ignore what is going on around us. When that happens time is usually our best ally in getting through it all. When we give ourselves time to think, ponder, rake through the mess that is when we are able to learn the lessons. Be it stubbornness, dense thinking, cluelessness or simply the need to refine our own selves, time gives us the gift of letting us process as we need to process.

Maybe you are like me. A situation comes up and it tugs on your core. All sorts of emotions come into play and you have to figure out what to do about it. Let me recommend a word study. THINK about the word or emotion that is perplexing you then look up synonyms and absorb their meanings. Take the time to then put the pieces together. Let the words and meanings fill in the gaps and allow yourself to change your perspective. Let the power of language bridge the spaces you do not know how to fill. Give yourself the gift of compassion, by allowing yourself the time you need to learn what you need to learn.

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