Everyone Needs to Hear Words of Praise

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Abraham Lincoln

In 1865 Abraham Lincoln was embroiled in trying to end the Civil War, get the 13th amendment passed and all the while knowing that women were his secret weapon. He spoke these words: If all that has been said by orators and poets since the creation of the world in praise of women were applied to the women of America, it would not do them justice.

I appreciated his enthusiasm and honesty, knowing that he understood that women were the ones who often made everything really work. During this horrible war it was the women who kept the home fires burning, tended the sick, fed and educated the children, ran the businesses and supported the troops all while the men in their lives were fighting. If not for the women everything would have come tumbling down.

Everyone needs to be reminded and appreciated for their contribution. They need to hear the words of praise and appreciation even if the sentiment is totally understood without the words. People need to hear it, absorb it and be reminded that their efforts have made a difference AND that someone noticed. For Lincoln to say these words at a time when women we not seen as important players in the country makes me value his wisdom even more.

Who do you need to praise in your world? Who are the unsung heroes that have made your life possible? It could be family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, teaches, or that certain mentor who changed the way you think by asking the right questions. We all have had someone help us lift our heads and keep them poised for greatness. We have all had someone support us by doing the jobs we were not able to complete. And we all need to take a moment and praise them for everything they have done, even if they don’t want it. Everyone needs to hear words of praise every once in a while.

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