That One Small Thing is Worth the Think

Gel pen on Gel Print background – Words: Demosthenes

All too often we find ourselves searching for the next thing, the right thing, or something. We keep our eyes open to find that ‘thing’ that will fill the need. Be it a car, house, job, place to serve, person to love, way to feel better or even a quiet place to simply be still. We spend so much of our time looking for what we THINK we need, which means we may overlook what we REALLY need. Small things get overlooked because they are small. They seem insignificant at the time so we brush them aside and keep looking.

Most of the successful people I know took the time to stop and investigate that small ‘thing’ before rushing past it. They pondered, imagined, and even dug a little deeper. Something about that small thing made them stop and think. Anything that makes an ambitious person think, speculate or even forces them to be quiet is worth more. That moment of quiet thinking was enough to act further. And further led to much of what they do now.

In the rush for the next thing we overlook the small seeds. Those seeds may require too much work, too much time, we’re in a hurry or need success quickly which means we rush pass that nugget of gold. Smart people, idea people, even people who want something more are wise enough to sift through the debris to find what may be, could be, or even should be their future. One small seed may lead to another seed, another idea, grow into a completely different enterprise than where it started and change the course of everything. Or it way petter out and serve to spark other ideas. Not every seed grows however what we learn by tending and cultivating that idea is what leads us to our next great adventure.

So today I encourage you to stop and think about that small opportunity you face. Give it a moment and ponder what could be. Just because it’s small does not mean it is worthless or unimportant. Big ideas start as small ones, they just need to be encouraged and fertilized to get the growth going. Be willing to stop, look and think. YOUR next thing may be right in front of you too small to grab your attention; slow down, give it a thought and see the opportunity in that one small thing.

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