Give Yourself the Gift of Transformation

Ink on Watercolor – Words: Charles W. Eliot

My husband and I will be teaching a class in January for the John C. Campbell School called “Pulling It All Together”. I designed this piece for the inside cover of our handouts for the students. The class will bring together all the elements of the books arts – paper, calligraphy, book making and design – to teach students how to pull all these pieces together.

I am a lover of books. I know there is technology that has replaced the need for books, however it always leaves me feeling a little flat. There is a great sense of satisfaction in watching the book mark move from the front cover to the back, to feel the pages turn and reveal the next words, and to anticipate the cover yielding as the plot unfolds. We actually have two libraries in our home, one for the classics and one for art and creative books. Sure books requires space and somewhere to read them. I think that’s one of the perks, having books and a special place to enjoy their contents.

I think this quote sums up perfectly the special role books play in our lives. I have favorite books I have read more than twice AND every reading reveals something more interesting or unnoticed from the last reading. Books are friends, counselors and teachers. They patiently wait while we ingest their knowledge never knowing if we actually apply their wisdom to our daily lives. To be able to teach people how to make books and include all sorts of creative elements of life is a true gift, and one we are looking forward to giving in only five months.

Today I encourage you to read a book. Be it electronically or by turning actual paper pages, enjoy the quiet, enjoy the story and give yourself the gift of transformation as the pages reveal their gifts.

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