Abraham Lincoln Would Know How You Feel

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Abraham Lincoln

I watched the movie “Lincoln” recently and was struck by how close our country came to voting ‘nay’ on the thirteenth amendment. It was Lincoln’s goal to have it ratified before he was inaugurated for his second term AND before the civil war ended. He knew it was the only way the country would unite behind the emancipation of all slaves because once the war was over other issues would take precedence. It passed on January 31, 1865, only ten weeks before Lincoln was assasinated.

More than we realize success is brought forward through our own resolution to succeed, which is more important than anything else. WE must be sure and true in the idea that what we are doing IS important. If we don’t believe it then who will? We cannot lead our teams, our family, or ourselves to a better life if we are not assured of success. Our belief filters down to those around us which impacts action and ideas that might otherwise have gone by the way side.

Sure there will be road blocks, obstacles and a mountain of reasons why success looks like a faint possibility. It is easy to blame failure on one thing, anything that gets in our way. When we are resolute in our conviction that success is on it’s way we find the confidence, creativity and initiative to investigate what might have seemed like a crazy solution. Our passion fuels the fires and provides the confidence and blind faith we need to keep going.

So you want to succeed, how badly? Are you resolute in that? Are you willing to fight for it no matter what? And do you believe that resolution enough to know that one thing cannot dissuade you from reaching the goal? If you answered yes then I think Abraham Lincoln would have known how you feel.

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