Get Off the Ride of Perpetual Motion

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Anonymous

We have pills to take, special pillows and mattresses, machines to help us breathe while sleeping, and we even have apps to provide white noise so we can relax. Sleep has become a multi billion dollar business, all because people have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep and even sleeping at all.

I spoke to someone today who talked about how they learned to protect their sleep. This person learned the hard way – by burning the candle at both ends – that without sleep they were not the person they were working so hard to become. It may sound like a strange concept to feel the need to protect that portion of life, and yet without sleep we are doomed. I thought this person was wise and honest in sharing their revelations about sleep. It showed a great sense of acceptance and determination in a world where sleep is the first thing people are willing to sacrifice to do what it is they want to do.

I could commiserate with this person as I too have spent my share of years burning the candle at both ends. I earned my MBA while working full time, starting a business and commuting two hours a day back and forth to an office. Time was short, which meant my sleep was as well. I look back and can understand why those couple of years are hard to remember, so much going on and such little time refreshing my mind and body with rest.

I too have gained enough wisdom To protect my sleep. I cherish it. I no longer feel guilty when I sleep late or take a nap. When I am tired I listen and rest. My mind and life are stronger and I have become more efficient in how I utilize my time while I am awake so I can turn it all off when it is time to sleep.

This quote expresses perfectly the value of a good night’s sleep. It is the bridge between despair and hope, the difference between done and done well, and the key to a long and healthy life. Let me encourage you to protect your sleep, to value it’s place in your life AND to get off the ride of perpetual motion and replace that with intentional work, play and sleep.

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