Want to Get Ahead? Get Started…

Gel pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Sally Berger

I talk to lots of people who are searching for the course to take to help them get ahead. What is the magic formula, how can they learn more to put themselves in a position to be successful, and who can they talk to, learn from to move from where they are to where they want to be? If I had one answer to give them, I would read this quote. I truly believe the secret to getting ahead is getting started.

Too many times we are looking for one answer, a direct path, a simple way to know and feel certain that what we are doing will lead directly to where we want to end up. When in reality people end up where their choices have led them, and most of the time that was not a straight, clear, short path. If you talk to anyone who is successful where they are in life they will have a story to tell about how they got there. And all of them faced many forks in the road where a different choice would have led them down a very alternate journey, so they just got started and kept moving forward.

There is not one class or answer, there are usually options. Some better than others, some more clear or favorable, some more challenging and some options we choose lead us to dead ends, bad situations and deep holes. When that happens, keep going, keep moving, change course and get started down a different path. We build confidence through action, so make a choice and do whatever it takes to make it work. When it isn’t working, make a different choice and learn what you need to do to make this choice work. Then when this road seems to be ending, changing, going to a place where you do not want to go, make a turn and get started going that direction. All of this can happen in mere moments, other times it is a slow awareness that builds until one day your realize you want something else.

Time to take a deep breath!…..As we grow, change and become it can be exhausting to keep all the balls of our life in the air at the same time. We can feel uncertain, unsure, and unprepared for all the choices and circumstances we face. I totally get that. No one has ever known all the answers at the exact time they needed them, uncertainty is a basic element to life. One day we know all and feel great, then that afternoon all bets are off and we find ourselves sitting in a new situation without any warning, unprepared and facing choices we don’t know a thing about….Time to take another deep breath!

Getting started is most of the battle. When we panic and want the ‘best’ answer, the ‘right’ course, the ‘most’ successful option we end up frozen, stagnant and still. There is never just one thing, there are always options. They may not be good options but they are still options. Instead of doing nothing for fear of being wrong, DO SOMETHING! Get started, get moving, make some kind of choice and work hard. Successful people get started and keep going, they navigate the twists and turns as they come their way and they utilize their experiences (and the experiences of others) to help them make future choices. No one got to where they are all by themselves so seek wisdom from others, learn from their stories AND get started.

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