Small Steps Get us Long Distances

Ink on Toned Blue paper – Words: J.K. Rowling

We are in life where we have chosen to be. If you don’t like where you are in life then start making different choices. I find myself saying these two phrases quite often, to myself and others. What I like about this quote from J.K. Rowling’s writing is that it reminds us how much what we choose trumps what we have the ability to do. All the skill and talent in the world won’t help if the choices being made are horrific. Lots of talented people live troubled lives simply because of the choices they continue to make each and every day.

First thing to remember, our life is our own. We are responsible for it’s path no matter what our circumstances. Everyone has trouble – some more than others – and we all have to deal with all the elements of our lives. If we choose to opt out of a portion of life we lose the right to complain about that part of life sucking wind. We don’t get it both ways. Get in the game, make better choices, deal with it. Stop blaming family, parents, siblings, birth order, or any other people related thing for your awful days. Sure they contribute and yet we have the choice to NOT be around those people if we want the drama to stop. Remember, our life is our own.

Second, if our life is our own – which it is – then we have the power to make our life what we want, we simply need to know what we want. We all know that life changes on a dime, over the years and within a brief flash everything we thought we knew is gone or better than we imagined. Knowing what we want helps us focus our life choices on getting us closer to what we want. It’s like using a GPS, it works best when you know where you want to go. Having trouble in knowing what you want, then figure out what you don’t want. Don’t want drama, financial problems, relationship problems, any of the things we all complain about during various times of life…then make decisions that get us out of these situations. Make different choices.

And finally, if we think and speak and make decisions like we are a victim, then we’re right. We are a victim. If we think and speak and make decisions like we are victorious then we are victorious. The choices we make today impact tomorrow and beyond. Maybe our best course of action is to stop, think, pause, think again and make a new kind of choice. One drop of water has a far reaching ripple effect, just like our decisions in life. Made the wrong choice then make a better one next time and make it one that will bring you closer to victory. Small steps get us long distances, we simply need to remind ourselves what we want and how this choice will get us going in the right direction.

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