Maybe the Mistake Will Help You

Various Inks on Pastel Paper – Words: Ralph Waldo Emerson

I must admit this started off badly. I wrote the quote and made a mistake. The problem is that I had already done the funky background and knew there was no way to recreate it to look exactly this way again. Rats! It is one of the greatest disappointments when creating one of a kind pieces of art, one mistake and the whole thing is lost.

So I stopped and thought about what I could do to salvage the background and mistake. Usually less is more, not in this case. I added the quote multiple times in multiple vertical layouts and let the final white text become the focus. Without realizing it I was practicing what this quote is all about. This is a very good time…if we but know what to do with it.

Life isn’t about having the right cards, it is about playing well with the cards we have been dealt. Life isn’t about waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along, it is about preparing ourselves so that when any opportunity arrives we are ready to move forward. Success only happens when opportunity and preparedness meet, so our job is to be ready. We can’t wait for the perfect time, THIS is the time, so do something with it.

Who cares if you make a mistake, EVERYONE makes mistakes. Figure it out, find another way, and maybe just maybe the mistake will help you make what you thought was good into something much more interesting. If I had not chosen that route you would never be seeing this piece. It would have ended up in my scrap drawer. I have to admit this turned out better than my original idea. Hooray for being patient enough to do something with it. This time like all time is a very good one…so DO something with it!

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