Can You Carry a Moonbeam Home in a Jar?

Metallic & White inks on Black Drawing Paper

This is our twenty-third week of our fifty week calligraphy challenge, and this week the prompt was Astronomy. Anything to do with or that our minds thought of when we read the word Astronomy. Instantly the lyrics of this song came to mind and they would not leave my head until my idea was down on paper. I am no illustrator, nor am I a great one at drawing so I had to think of how to do this without being too literal.

I have to admit I was challenged. I knew my idea was beyond my drawing skills. I made three different versions until I was content with how the mason jar looked, enough like a mason jar that people got it without it being too basic. In the end my idea translated well to paper. I looked up images and tested a lot of inks and metallics before I knew it looked ok.

Sometimes we have to know when the task at hand is beyond our own skills. Being able to ask for help and admit that someone else has skills you do not makes us more human and relatable to others. No one is perfect. If we all had the same skill sets then how schizophrenic would our minds be? We need to understand our own passions and interest, skills and talents and leverage and utilize the skills of others. No one can do everything alone, we all need a little help even if it is from Mr. Google.

Knowing our skills also means we are willing to help cultivate and grow those same skills and talents in others. Like minded interests and ideas build on each other, thrive when encouraged and grow beyond our own understanding when someone takes an interest and knows us. How flattering it is when someone sees something in you they admire and need, as well as want to help you do better, and on a grander scale. We all need to know ourselves, encourage others and rely on that interconnection to help us make our ideas come to life. How else would we be able to carry a moonbeam home in a jar?

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