The ‘Scrap Project’: A Natural Extension of Enthusiasm

Handmade paper scraps & Ink – Words: Earl Nightingale

This is number four do five in the ‘Scrap Project’. The colors are oranges, reds and a bit of yellow. I wanted those colors to help highlight the word enthusiasm. The photo isn’t that great yet the idea worked out very well.

Do you remember the last time you felt creative? Be it the creation of a document, spreadsheet, gift or some art based project, we know when we are in the zone and all our creative juices are flowing. As these words remind us, those creative moments usually happen when they are flowing from our own enthusiasm. Boredom rarely brought anyone to the threshold of uncontrollable creativity. To feel the juices flowing something needs to be there to spark the ideas, to flame their fire and move them from our heads into action. That spark is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is contagious. One person getting excited about an idea or a problem has the power to enroll others in the cause. When enthusiasm and exuberance cross our path we see it, we can almost taste it. Our own sense of exploration and vitally is suddenly brought to life and before we know it we are energized without even realizing what is happening. We spend the night pondering instead of sleeping, we eat and can’t remember if the food was good, and our mind becomes consumed with creative thinking. We flit from one idea to another until those pieces come together to build a unique idea that now has a life of it’s own.

Trying to stop enthusiasm is like trying to stop fingers from dipping into a fresh bowl of frosting. It can’t be helped, it just happens. Maybe today is the day your life, your family, even your team needs to see your enthusiasm. Before you ask for help tell them why, and what, and how excited you are about the situation. When we bare our souls and allow our excitement to show it catches hold and becomes an unstoppable force.

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