The Countdown – 3 – Sometimes You Just Have to Dig in and Do The Work

Ink on Toned paper- Words: Benjamin Franklin

I have less than a handful of posts left to complete my goal of creating and writing 365 entries for this blog. This is post number 363. I started not knowing how I would find the time, energy or words to complete the goal and yet here I am only two more to create and write. I have read countless quotes, many of which made it into the year and others are still waiting to be turned into artwork. Some pieces I cherish and others leave me a little meh!?! The goal was not to create art and words that would shatter any records, hang in a global museum, or even astonish and amaze anyone in particular. The goal was to create art and write.

I have to admit I had days when creating and writing were the last thing on my mind. Doing the work on those days was a struggle. I set a goal which forced me to do it anyway. I could have quit and thought about it multiple times, especially when I was very sick with COVID for three weeks. I knew that if I quit on this it would be easier to quit anything else in the future. So I dug in and did the work.

I enjoy this quote from Benjamin Franklin as he says EITHER write or do. If you are not writing great things then do great things. Those things may not end up changing the entire world yet they will change your world. And isn’t that the point? We only have one life, one opportunity to live our lives to their utmost potential and get over ourselves, our fears and just do the work. Dig in, get that job done and feel better about yourself. Know that you are worthy, enough and able to do it. Give yourself permission to succeed which in turn gives others permission to do as well, if not better than you.

So here’s to being close to the end, what to do next? Keep going, stop, take a break…not sure yet what I am going to do. So stay tuned!

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