The Countdown – 5 – Time Warp

Pen & ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: ‘The Time Warp’

Almost one year ago I made a goal to create three hundred and sixty-five calligraphy pieces for my blog. That meant one piece per day for a year. I only have five more to go, including this one. I have two notebooks with all the artwork and as I was looking back I thought this one would be rather appropriate for one of my final pieces.

It is for our seventh week of a year long calligraphy challenge where we were asked to create a time capsule and put in it all the calligraphy tools we would want to use in the future. The first thing that came to mind for me was ‘The Time Warp’ song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I couldn’t get those lyrics out of my head, so I created a wild piece, hidden all around it are the tools and items I would put in my capsule. It was fun, frantic and crazy pulling it all together.

I have to admit that I didn’t really like the prompt of a time capsule. Over the years I have learned not to give up on the ones I don’t like, just do the first thing that comes to mind and get it done. When I started creating this one it looked pretty poor, actually very fractured and messy not my usually style. After an hour I thought about starting over then remembered that I still have four more days to complete my blog challenge, so I kept going. It is amazing how a goal can push you forward when nothing else will.

Now that this piece – number five in my countdown to the end – is done I am glad to move on. It was fun to finish and pushed me when I didn’t really want to do anything. It reminds me that I have four more pieces to do. So stay tuned as this week I complete the Year of Calligraphy goal.

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