No Matter the Seasons

Sumi ink on Pastel paper- Words: Anonymous

All of us want to be loved as who we are and who we are becoming. It sounds wonderful and can change lives, the challenge is living out love on a day to day basis. Loving someone can be ugly, unruly, temperamental, selfish, spontaneous, dull, mundane and even boring. That doesn’t mean we stop loving them it simply means we have to remind ourselves why we love them, and how they love us during these same unpredictable seasons of life.

Love is an emotion, a feeling, and most of all it is a choice. Love won’t always be roses, flowers, gifts, romance and passion. Love is much more than that. Knowing you are loved AND loving someone no matter what is a choice we make each day.

Renew your choice today, love someone no matter what or why or how easy or difficult it may become. They deserve it and so do you.

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