Spend Your Time Coin Wisely

Metallic ink on generic paper – Words: Carl Sanburg

I had a completely different thought in my mind on what I was going to write about for this quote. This evening I attended a virtual meeting and these words were brought to life in an entirely new way. A major player joined the call over an hour late and then got indignant that the rest of the group had done with work without their input. They wanted to change everything that had been decided AND wanted us to stay longer on the call to finish the conversation. I was reminded in a real way how it feels to have someone else ‘spend’ your time.

I was a worker bee on that call and watched how the latecomer ‘handled’ the leader to get their way. I made a mental note of how not to handle that situation and, if asked, will provide commentary on how not to let it happen again. Depending upon which seat you occupy can have a great impact on how you experience time. My coins were spent by my choice and I will not let that happen again.

If we had to handle time like money would we do it that same way we do now? Would we let people waste it, drain it, or would we demand that they respect our time because once it is used it cannot be replenished? Because time seems to nebulous we often forget that we are the masters of our hours, minutes and seconds and we are the only ones who can say yes or no to how it is used. If we give up our power then we deserve what comes our way and all the emotions that entails.

I am going to take a deep breath, give thanks for the life lesson reminder AND I am going to guard my time better with that group in the future. My coins are precious and I want to invest and build with each hour I spend, which means I have to spend my time coin wisely.

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