Is Your Idea Worth That Effort?

Ink on pastel paper – Words: Michelangelo

If you have never been to the Sistine Chapel, get there. Take the recorded tour and revel in the ceiling that will change the way you see art. To think that it took Michelangelo four years to paint it, all spent on his back. When I read this quote I was encouraged to think that even Michelangelo had goals and dreams that he knew were more than he could accomplish.

Just because we don’t know how we are going to do something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t even dream, or start, or try. I created the black background for this piece about eight months ago. Once it was done I wasn’t sure I liked it or would even use it, so it went into my scrap pile. I pulled it out this morning and after having read this quote I knew it was the background I needed. Sometimes our ideas have to wait for our skills and confidence to agree. Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet, so we need to spend our days getting prepared for future opportunities. In my case that means making things not knowing when or if they will ever turn into a work of art.

All of us have ideas and want to work to implement them. Art requires hard work and it requires the ability to get over our own demons, thoughts, fears and anxieties. Creating means moving beyond what the facts tell us and seeing into the future how our idea can become real. It means spending time alone, doing and building until you are ready to share your work with others.It means moving beyond where you are now to get to where you want to be no matter how long that takes. I may even mean laboring on your back for 1,460 days to finish the ceiling that will change art forever. The question is do you think your idea is worth that effort?

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