It’s Time to be Nonsensical

Ink & Metallic pen on paper – Words: Roald Dahl

Life is serious business yet that doesn’t have to mean that we are serious all the time. We all need to be silly, laugh and let go every once in a while. We were watching a movie recently that had a scene about two single men changing a baby’s diaper. We all laughed so hard that we cried, coughed and even got on the floor to roll around, It was hilarious!!! When we finished wiping our eyes and gathered our senses we all commented about how much we needed that kind of silly belly laugh.

We need laughter, nonsense, silliness and any other thing that allows us to escape and express joy. We need it often and without restrictions. Be it a giggle, a snicker, a belly laugh or just good clean frolicking everyone needs to have fun. Sometimes it happens spontaneously and other times it gets planned, either way it needs to happen. I do not know all the physiology behind it, I do know that our bodies, mental health and emotions need the outlet that laughter provides.

The saying – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – comes to mind. We all know people like Jack and Jack is no fun to be around. Life is too serious of a business to take it all seriously. Being able to release the pressure valve provides fun and insights for the people around us. It gives them permission to laugh and joke around, it shows our human side and gives us common experiences upon which to build the relationship. Inside jokes, funny one liners and poking fun makes work a lot more enjoyable and less of a drudgery.

So make today a nonsense kind of day. Find something nonsensical to say or do simply because you can. Laugh, joke, snicker, maybe even tickle your friend or neighbor. The world would be a better place if we all spent a bit more time doing nonsense and a little less time focusing on ourselves.

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