Get and Give Some Today

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: W.H. Auden

It doesn’t matter your ailment or the medicines you currently take, laughter is the best medicine. And this quote is correct, the people we love are usually the ones who can make us laugh. They give us the freedom and opportunity to release one, big heartfelt belly laugh at a time. In fact, they take great joy in making us laugh.

It is easy to be around people when we are laughing. Laughter somehow reminds us that there is fun and life and joy in the world no matter our circumstances. The cruelest of days can be filled with sparkles when we laugh. The saddest of moments and darkest of nights glimmer with a piece of light when a giggle or chuckle can be uttered. And pressure seems to melt when a group laughs out of nervousness, uncomfortableness or like little children when someone says the word ‘fart’!

Humor is one of the things that separates humans from animals, we can make ourselves and others laugh to reveal our common, instinctual needs. Everyone needs to laugh, everyone wants to laugh, everyone deserves to laugh. Being around people who laugh and allow us to be ourselves in that moment is pure happiness. The tears may come right back from the awful circumstances yet somehow a giggle can make it all a bit easier to bear.

So today I encourage you to laugh. Let out a road, one so big that liquids begin to flow out of your nose. Laugh so hard that you can’t stop, roll over in pain or even wet yourself. Give yourself the gift of laughter and do not give one thought to who is around. Enjoy the freedom of a good belly aching laugh and allow others to do the same. Laughter is truly a gift we all need to give and receive. So get and give some today!

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