So Go Avoid Dull

Marker on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Christopher Morley

Each day is twenty-four hours. That consists of one thousand four hundred and eighty four minutes. A third of that time we are sleeping so what we do with the rest of our minutes is entirely up to us. We work, we play, we eat, we talk and hopefully we do something like read, think or anything others would think was too silly to do. It is great to be part of something, it is even more amazing when you are doing something that no one else is doing.

In this world of postings, online everything and input out the wazoo, it can be hard to just be ourselves. It can be even harder to know ourselves. Worse yet it can seem almost impossible to find time to think about what we really want. What we are bringing to this world that no one else is able to supply? That may seem like a silly thought and yet as we are each such unique individuals no one else thinks exactly like us…no one. Therefore our thoughts and ideas, comments and creations can only be brought to life by us. Which means we have to find time to just be and do and express ourselves.

When I am playing in my studio I have to remind myself that playing is only using up paper and ink. It doesn’t have to be submitted to the Louvre Museum, it doesn’t have to be framed, and no one else even has to see it. Being and doing is what gets me from here to there, without play there is no advancement in my ideas. Without mistakes or failed tests or even wads of paper with messy marks all over them there would be no final work. So allowing myself the time to read, think, and do what no one else is reading, thinking, or doing is time well spent.

I’m sure your world is the same. When we remind ourselves that reading doesn’t have to educate, it can simply entertain or be for relaxation that is when we can enjoy it. Thinking doesn’t have to solve a problem, we can simply think and see where our thoughts lead us. And doing, well there doesn’t have to be a project or goal, we can simply do to have fun and be busy, or even silly. All that means we have to set aside time in our twenty four hours to read, think and do something, anything, even if it is just for fun. All work and no play makes Jack or Jill very dull.

So go avoid dull, read and think and do just for the fun of it.

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