The Blessings learned from Wearing Work Clothes

Ink on mixed media paper- Words: Henry J. Kaiser

We’ve all had trouble. Unpaid bills, health challenges, accidents, bruised relationships even personal strife. When I look back on most of the turning points in my life I can usually discern a lot of hard work disguised as trouble.

It may not always come as trouble, it may disguised itself as a project, a new job or even a special need. Hard work gives us the chance to keep our head down, learn, try, fail and try again. It doesn’t always mean we win or come out on top, it often means we get beat up to the point where we come out the other side a better version of ourselves. We no up wiser, stronger and more compassionate. Our own struggle opens us up to understanding the challenges and needs of others.

I can always spot those who haven’t had much in the way of trouble. They tend to be a bit more quick to criticize and judge others purely because life has not rounded off their rough edges or given them the chance to learn about compassion. I take a deep breath knowing that their turn will come assuming they chose to face their troubles. As we know not everyone wants to face their reality, they prefer to live in denial and glide along as if nothing is happening.

If you find yourself in trouble, take a deep breath, change into your work clothes and get busy. Better to work hard and grow to become a better person then to let it an opportunity pass by without a chance of making your life better.

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