The Perspective That Panic and Pressure Cannot Provide

Marbled Paper with Ink on Mixed Media Paper- Words: Edmund Burke

I was working on a piece of art and found myself on my fourth draft. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to be working. I was frustrated, my emotions were running high and my hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own. I took a deep breath and walked away. I know when it’s not working, no matter how I try to force an idea. The more I force it the more frustrated I usually get. I’ve learned to walk away to allow my mind, my emotions and my ideas to rest. It is at these moments when this quote from Edmund Burke comes to life.

It can be frustrating when people do not see our point of view or their own flaws. Depending upon where we are emotionally we often try to force the issue and end up saying things we regret. The best course of action is to take a deep breath, calm down and apply lots of patience. We have time to think and they have that same time. Sadly the best way to learn patience is to use them often which is why so many of us find ourselves lacking patience in critical moments.

After I walked away, I got back to the piece where I was frustrated. I looked at my four drafts and didn’t see anything worth saving. In the mean time a fresh idea came into my brain and I put it together lickity-split! Patience allowed my brain to do better. I was happier, my work was better, and the idea was more innovative. I share this to remind us all that forced work is not usually our best work. Being patient with our ideas, our skills and taking time to let things breathe offers a perspective that panic and pressure can never beat. Have the courage today to walk away, you may be surprised by the best idea yet simply by giving yourself a little time for patience.

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