Hooray for Those on the FRont Line

Ink & Gel pen on watercolor paper- Words: Henry Ford

He was put on trail for being an unfit business man because he could not do simple math. Henry Ford merely replied, “I have people who work for me who do that math.” He was considered crazy and an idiot for believing that the horse drawn carriage would become obsolete. He was persecuted and ridiculed until he sold more automobiles than anyone could believe, so he laughed his way to the bank to deposit his millions. Henry Ford experienced setbacks and griefs and stood strong in believing who he was and what he knew to be important.

I cheer for the person who has battle scars and disappointments. I want to learn from the people who have gambled, lost, and then got back up to try again. I admire those who have failed miserably, learned and changed in order to do better next time. These people have a story to tell, things we can learn AND know that no one ever got anywhere without setbacks and grief. All that being said I have little patience for those who have not tried much who want to rule the world. I have to bite my tongue when the inexperienced want to spout theories or opinions they’ve read online to lecture others about how life works. The kid who lives with their parents is not the genius I want to listen to about how the role works. Give me battle scars, let downs, and disaster survivors anyway!

It’s that old saying – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Anyone who has survived anything knows that to be completely true. All too often people buckle under the pressure and run from setbacks and hard experiences, the smart ones run towards them, through them and past them. To get anywhere in this world we have to be smart enough to get back up, dust off our bruises and get back into the battle. Wisdom comes at a price, and I can’t wait to spend time with the people who have been on the front lines.

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