What an Amazing Day That Would Be!

Ink on watercolor paper – Words: Sir William Oiler

As I read and reread this quote, this is great advice and a very hard thing to do. Our past haunts us and the future eludes us, so living each day absorbed in it’s entirety sounds simple and yet is so very difficult to pull off. In order for this to happen a couple things must be true.

First, the things that occupy your day must be worthy of your entire energy AND absorb you in such a way that nothing else matters. This means spending time doing something you enjoy or challenges you or even makes you scream. It is amazing how our troubles and concerns melt away when we are fully engaged in something that engages our entire self. Boredom leads to disappointment and slowly leads us down the path of disdain and turmoil.

The second thing that must happen in order for our entire being to be absorbed is for us to set aside the pains and joys of the past then give our full attention to just one day. It may not sound like much yet one day can change everything. It can change our hearts, our minds, soften our sorrows and even alleviate deep rooted difficulties. It means being willing to let go for just a while in order for everything to get better.

My hope for you today is that one thing will occupy your energy so completely that your day is done before you have had any time to think about your past or your present. What an amazing day that would be.

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