Paper & Ink Can Change the World

Metallic pens on paste paper – Words: Mya Angelou

We’re in week forty-seven of our fifty week calligraphy challenge, and this week we were asked to honor Rosie Kelly an artist who passed away. I did not know her nor had any contact with her work, so I checked our the links and she was a great creative who utilized paste papers and lettering. I had this piece of paper on my table begging to be utilized also I grabbed it and honored Rosie’s creativity.

As I worked I thought about this woman and the people she touched so deeply that they asked strangers to enjoy her work. I find that a perfect tribute for an artist, even after they leave this earth their work lives on and continues to inspire others. Isn’t that all any of us can do? Leave this world better than we found it through our body of work that grows and encourages the next generations. Who said paper and ink cannot change the world? I looked around my own studio and wondered what would happen to all the stuff, supplies and art I have created to date? One cannot help but wonder…

As we head into the holiday season this is a fitting time to enjoy the people we love, spread kindness and joy, as well as spend our time talking about and doing things that matter. The holidays are the season to enjoy peace, comfort, love and share all we have with others. Be it a body fo work, our thought and memories, the safe spaces where we reside or simply letting people know that they matter. This holiday season let’s honor those we love, those we have lost and allow our minds to focus on making this a better place to live even if it is using only paper and ink. Paper and ink can change someone’s world, we simply have to utilize it to communicate our messages of love and joy.

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