Tie a Knot and Keep Hanging On

Ink on watercolor postcard – Words: William Feather

We each have our own definition of success. How you measure your own success depends upon how you define it. In some cases – like this quote reminds us – the most successful people are the ones who held on when everyone else let go.

It can be discouraging to be the one holding on when everyone else has walked away. You end up alone, tired, often lonely and too many times the only one who still sees the possibilities in it all. You are the hopeful one when everyone else has quit. You are the hard worker who stayed until the job was done when everyone else thought the job was no longer worth doing. People may call you crazy, fanatical, self righteous or even stupid. That’s okay, let them call you whatever they want. When the dust settles and you are the one left standing with success in your hand who will be laughing then?

In this instant, internet posting, influencer driver culture it takes guts and chutzpah to keep hanging in until the idea clicks. Longevity builds character, stamina, self reliance and hope. It takes guts to keep doing when everyone else gave up. And as I can tell we could use a lot more people with guts! We have made it too easy to quickly quit and move on without any consequences. When the going gets tough we have made it understandable to move onto something else. If you ask a successful person how they succeeded, they usually mention worlds like hard work, faith and the ability to keep going in the light of failure.

Let me encourage you today to stick to it, hold on, hang in there and see it through! You may be surprised when you are the one being interviewed about how you were successful…maybe today you tie a knot in the rope and keep hanging on.

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