Fighting the Good Fight

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Napoleon Hill

In youth we are perplexed about who we are and who we want to become. In maturity we are perplexed to understand if we are on the right track, and as we near the end of our days we wonder if we have done enough. No matter the time in life we battle the knowing, the doing and the thought that we could have done more, done less or done a bit here nor there in the middle. We find a way to squelch the self doubt, the self consciousness and the self loathing to build a life we want to live. The true key to a healthy mental state is wanting what you wished for once you actually have obtained it. Madness means always wanting, overthinking and desperately think that something was left undone no matter how accomplished the life.

It is our greatest challenge and our greatest area for failure, managing ourselves. No matter what people see from the outside we know the turmoil, joy and lessons being handled on the inside. We know about the failures we never let ourselves forget. We know about the mistakes in all our work and we know the uncontainable joy of succeeding where we felt we would never tread. We are our own best advocates and our own worst enemy. It can be a daily struggle to conquer our self.

I would love to be able to provide the ideal answer for this global, personal challenge. Alas I do not have that answer. The more I know about people the more I realize we have the same problems, triumphs, desires and fears with the same unknown about conquering it all. Those who I know who are happy in their lives are the ones who have figured out their own way of conquering self. They are true to who they are – flawed, imperfect, troubled and joyous – and live each day as a gift not a burden. They face their own reality and do it with dignity and character. Maybe THAT is the answer, you do you the way you know how and forget trying to control anyone else. Fight the good fight, be yourself and let others do the same.

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