What People Learn From Your Life

Gel Pen & Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Eleanor Roosevelt

Times have changed and our children are learning in different ways. They might attend school online, in person or be home schooled. No matter how they are broadening their minds and horizons it is imperative that we lead them by example. That means we must model the thoughts and behaviors we want them to embody.

I learned how to mow the lawn by watching my brothers do it, my dad do it, then I knew how to do it. I learned how to clean the kitchen by watching my mom and dad do it, then once we were old enough we cleaned the kitchen every night after dinner. I had a boss who was a compassionate and fair leader with integrity. I learned how to be a leader by watching them do it first. I also learned what not to do by working for others who had no integrity, no people skills and spoke in ways that I never wanted to do once I was a leader. We teach our children, our employees and our community by what we do. If we are not willing to go first then how will they learn?

No matter how many videos you watch, online classes you take or how many books you read, you are not a leader until there are people following you. People follow someone they can trust, someone who has been where they are and figured out how to make life better. People are looking for someone to believe in all areas of life to what how they model a life of character and value despite what is happening around them. People like that can be hard to find, one tell tale sign is how they behave when no one is looking. What do they do when the curtains are closed and no one will check on how they handle their money, their household, their work and their private life. Solid people are willing to do what they are skiing other people to do. They do it first to lead by example which teaches us how it goes.

No matter who you are or your occupation there are people watching you, learning from you, people who are forming their own value system based on how you are behaving. It may be your children, your coworkers, your neighbors, your church or even your spouse. We never know who our lives set the bar for those around us, setting a higher standard for their bright future. It is a lot of responsibility and a true gift. We may never be aware of the ripples we leave behind as we step out into the deep end. Someone is watching so be sure to leave the example you want not just what you feel like doing today. Your excuses open the door for their excuses. If your ant to teach character, then live character. If you want to teach excuses, then live excuses…only you can choose which way people learn from your life.

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