Sometimes the Simple Solution is the Best Soultion

Inktober 2020 – Day 9: Billy Joel Lyrics

Communication is all about words and time. Knowing the right words to use to best explain what you are trying to say, and then allowing time for the intended audience to understand AND for you to know that they understand. It takes effort and attention to create a shared understanding between people, groups and an audience. It takes time and effort to communicate and build a solid relationship.

Add on top of all the ups and down of communication an element of romance and the world can become a complicated mess. Something strange happens to our logic and reason when we add like or love into the mix. What was clear gets questioned and what was not clear becomes even more muddy, then emotions and feelings get confirmed or hurt and it can all go to pot. Things can become clear when we give that other person a hug, a warm place to land in our arms and the assurance that we care. Sometimes that is all they need, a physical reassurance that you are there, understand, or simply want to show that you care. And suddenly there is no need for words, the hug said it all.

In these times of social distancing it can be even more important to share our thoughts, be patient while others work to comprehend our message, AND give a hug for reassurance. Sounds simple, maybe too simple. How much different would our world be if we all did this more, put down our phones and actually just talked to people? Gave them hugs when they needed it, or we needed it, and listened. Sometimes a simple solution is the best solution.

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