Sometimes You Just Need Brain Space

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: Soren Kierkegaard

The word focus to many of us invokes thoughts of a quiet space, no distractions thinking and working hard to come up with or develop an idea. When I read this quote from Kierkegaard I was reminded that my best ideas come while walking or driving. I have not had to commute to an office for more than seven years, so the driving part does not happen as often. So I find myself walking to spur on ideas.

Sometimes the best ideas come when we are not trying to come up with a best idea. Our minds are able to process and think freely when we are doing something else, moving forward, even doing a menial task. I’ve had people mention walking, showering, weeding, walking the dog, cooking, even cleaning. Something happens when we give our thoughts a break, that is when our unconscious mind has room to boogie through an idea or two and that is how best ideas are born.

There is a reason why creative people carry notebooks or journals. Once that idea hits it deserves to be written down and taken seriously. There is nothing worse than having had a fabulous idea only to forget it. If you’re lucky it may show itself again, but why take that chance? Stop, write it down, and create more free space for your brain to come up with other great ideas. When our mind knows things are safe (in a place where we can access them easily) it puts those thoughts aside and moves forward.

So somewhere between walking and writing it down a lot of great things have begun. Maybe today your task, project, concerns simply need a little space to breathe which means getting out of your space and doing something else. Walk around the block, through your garden, down to the mailbox or simply get for a drive. Give your mind and your ideas space and see what amazing things you are able to derive.

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