When in Doubt, Reboot!

Ink on Watercolor paper- Words:Anne Lamont

This may seem like a silly reminder as we are still living in the midst of social distancing, and yet we can always be reminded that we too need to unplug and relax. When things aren’t working, when emotions run high, when your body is tired beyond your imagination, when in doubt, reboot.

I sat in a chair on our front porch with no phone, no television, no music, nothing but the great outdoors. Our dogs came and licked me then went to sleep on the steps. My husband was napping with the cats on the sofa, and suddenly I realized I was the only person in the world. I took several deep breaths and let everything go. As time passed and I still did nothing it was amazing how clear and calm it all felt. Within a short time I was rebooted and ready for action. I didn’t move right away I just basked in the glory that was the peace and quiet of our world.

Is it sad that we have to make relaxing and letting go an intentional decision? Is it awful that some of us have to actually schedule when we are going to shutdown? Are those two REALLY good indications that we probably need to reboot more often than we realize? In this high tech world where everything is available we need to opt out and simply sit quietly in a space all by ourselves. If that means making it a conscious decision or a blocked out point of time in our schedule, then so be it. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just get there. Take time to reboot, if it works for your technology it will certainly work for you.

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