Loved, No Matter What!

Ink on scrap paper – Words: Swedish Proverb

We all have those days when we are just not ourselves. Not for any tangible reason, it is just one of those days. The brain is slower, the bones and muscles ache and somehow the things that need to get done take longer and seem more challenging. This Swedish proverb reminded me of those days and that this is when we need love the most.

It is nice to be loved. It is a precious gift to have someone tell you they love you even if you do not feel you deserve it. We are not loved because we are worthy or perfect, we are loved because of who we really are and that fact that we are flawed makes us even more lovable. If you only feel loved when you do everything right then you need to re-evaluate who loves you and why. We are best loved precisely beaches we are less than and allow ourselves to be less than.

No one is perfect all the time and if we had to be then none of us would be worthy of love at all. What a horrible world that would be indeed. Love is a choice, love is a commitment and love is best given freely and without requirements simply because we can.

As you live your life today, who do you know that you love who might need a reminder, a hug, a word to let them know that no matter what they are loved. No one is impenetrable and everyone needs to be loved. They might not seem worthy AND that is exactly when they need to be loved the most. Maybe their having one of those days and need to be reminded that they too are worth loving just as they are…no matter what!

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