Don’t End Up on the Sidelines Full or Regret

Marker on Rice Paper – Words: Simone Biles

Some of us love for things to change, others prefer to have a set way for things to be that never change. And then there are those who live somewhere between the two. In order for things to change there is an element of risk and in order for there to be risk there is an element of failure.

I was encouraged when I read this quote from Simone Biles. She reminded me about the two sides of regret: regret for what happened and failed versus the regret of what never happened at all. In the end most people regret what they didn’t do not the things they did that failed. Living with failure is at least rewarded with lessons learned. Regret from not being willing to take the chances – in saying the hard words, telling the truth, saying no, or investing time and money into a new venture – these are the risks that haunt us forever.

Today a great risk may present itself in your world. A chance to share the hard truth, a chance to grow or change or move, maybe even a chance to reinvent yourself . Whatever the opportunity let this quote remind you to dive right in and risk being a failure, which is preferable to sitting safe on the sidelines with nothing to show for your time or energy.

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