How Do You Choose to Use Your Words?

Ink on Printed Rice Paper – Words: Meryl Streep

We tend to use words like weird or different in a negative connotation when in reality they are what makes us unique. These words describe our strengths and what makes us completely special and worth knowing. All we have to do is take back the meaning of the words and receive them as a compliment not a put down. That can be hard to do when everyone has always called you weird and meant it in a bad way.

Too often we forget the power of words. We forget that they can leave scars which linger and resist healing for a lifetime. Words are what haunts us as we lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep. Words are what drive us crazy in the form of the response we didn’t get a chance to say. Words are what keep us a float when they remind us how much someone loves or admires or appreciates our work. It is words and how they make us feel that can prevent or preserve us throughout our lives.

Today you are going to speak a lot of words, ones that will have an impact on the listeners. Before those letters, words and phrases leave your lips THINK about their impact. Are they going to life someone up or haunt their days? How do you want them to feel as they walk away and ponder what you said – better or worse for having been in your presence. Will weird and different be a compliment or a curse. It only takes a split second of forethought to help move someone forward rather than backward, that split second is how you choose to use your words.

The beautiful printed rice paper for this piece was a gift from the very talented Leanne Poellinger, a paper artist who lives in Minnesota. Leanne can be reached at You can purchase her art at

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