A Creative Path of Freedom

Gel Print Remnant with Ink – Words: Bethenny Frankel

There is something unique about all of us, not just our fingerprints. As Bethenny Frankel points out, it could be your DNA, your look, heritage, religion, or your unusual name, these are the things that make you incredible. We are not always meant to feel that these things are wonderful, especially when we are younger or in a new situation.

It is strange how we all want to blend in or have that certain look, when in reality the people who stand out are the ones who embrace their differences. It takes time to realize that our own unique qualities are what make us special, even if our mother has been telling us that all our lives. I only takes one person making a positive comment about it for us to realize that it IS special and we are blessed to have it. It is somehow easier to handle once puberty is long gone.

Today is the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our independence. The day we remember those who went before us, facing their differences in a new land, a new country, a new government. Our ancestors had the courage to step out and embrace all that made them unique, one of a kind, in essence brave. They didn’t let fear prevent them from crossing oceans or mountain ranges to live in the land of the free and home of the brave. And let us not forget the people who fought so we could celebrate with freedom, without fear, and have an equal voice in how things are done.

It seems to me that we have embraces our unique senses across this country, let’s hope we have hundreds more years to continue along this creative path of freedom.

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