Our Courage Impacts Us Everyday

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Anias Nin

It is not just during Social Isolation that we need to be courageous, it is every day of our lives. We need to have the courage to speak up, to keep harmful words to ourselves, to expect honesty and action from others, and we need to have courage to be our real selves each and every day. It doesn’t matter who you interact with, who is your boss, or who you live with, courage is required to live a life of integrity.

Courage isn’t always easy, popular or welcome. When we are courageous it can shed light on those who are not exhibiting that trait which is never really wanted. No one wants to be reminded when they are being less than true and yet their poor choice should not prevent us from behaving with character and respect. Courage is something you have that needs to be exercised on a regular basis to keep it strong.

When we exhibit courage our lives expand, our self esteem grows and we engage our inner core beliefs. As this quote reminds us we shrink who we are and the life we are living when we allow our courage to shrink. It may make us uncomfortable or even unpopular and yet being true to who we are is the only way to be our genuine self.

This is a holiday weekend. Let us be reminded that we would not have the freedom to be courageous if it had not been for the courage of the men and women who fought for freedom. Be it our founders, our leaders, those in the military, or the adventurers who chose to leave what they knew to build a new land, a free land, a place where you could think and say whatever you want…that is only if you have the courage to do so.

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  1. Hello A nn Your thoughts and encouragement have been a part of my being for many years now and I continue to cherish them. Your posts are giant and thought provoking! Continue your good works – I’m a believer.


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