Don’t Let the Mediocre Get You Down

Ink on Pastel paper – Words: Albert Einstein

Ever have a great idea, share it with someone and they proceed to give you all the reasons it won’t work, it can’t work and why you are not the person to do it? They may think they are being helpful when in reality they just want to be right, with no concern for how their inability to see what you see has impacted your desire to move forward. If you are not careful you will have given them the power to kill your great idea.

We each need to cultivate a group of people who will support our wild thoughts and ideas without feeling the need to bring us back to reality. If we want to be successful dreamers we need to surround ourselves with dreamers. If we want to execute our ideas and bring them to life we need to have people around us who are doing the same. If we want to be encouraged to think big then we need to hang out with people who think big and expect the same of us.

One great challenge dreamers face is they may not know who the negative Ned or Nellie is in their life until it is too late. And guess what? Ned and Nellie do not know they are that negative as no one usually tells them, or if they are told they don’t believe it. Know your audience when you get ready to share your ideas. Find other dreamers and let the mediocre, negative reality bound thinkers keep to themselves.

There is enough reality out there, let’s give the imaginative dreamers a chance. They may be the next person to invent the next world changing thingymabob and change all our lives forever.

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  1. At first I thought I read, ‘Don’t let Medicare get you down.’ Vote in June on the new Medicare expansion initiative. That’s right. JUNE 2020. And bring your own wipes.


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