The Darkness Doesn’t Last Forever

Ink on Rice Paper – Words: Unknown

This is one of those quips people say all the time not knowing whether their audience is heading into a dark place, in the middle of a dark place or slowly leaving a dark place behind. However the darkness is huddled around people, this is a true and timely reminder. Dark times don’t last unless we continue to make choices that keep us there.

I was talking to a woman today who’s brother is a recovering heroine addict. He is four months clean and over the last five years that is the longest he is ever able to stay clean, after that time period he sinks right back into that dark hole of addiction. Anyone who has lived with an addict knows that they only get better if they want to get better. It is a very tough cycle to break and the truly successful people NEVER do it alone.

I spoke to another woman who is tired of staying in place. She is bored, lonely, and wants to spend time with her friends. She wants to be able to shop and eat out and very badly wants her life back. She is angry, frustrated and in her own words is in a very dark place. Strange how both the heroine addict’s sister and the stay in place gal both used the same words to describe their circumstances. It proves it is all about perspective.

Our problems can seem monumental or petty when we compare them to what other people are experiencing. Neither one is right or wrong, they are simply experiencing their worlds from two different perspectives. Knowing that darkness eventually subsides, if we choose that path, provides a way of hope. Knowing that eventually things will get better, change, and we will see the light can be all someone who is hurting needs to hear. It may be a common saying and yet it’s power has the ability to provide a ray of sunshine and warmth to those who need a little lift.

Maybe today you needed that reminder, or you know someone else who does. When words like these are administered with care and genuine kindness they have the ability to breathe life back into the darkest day. If you needed these words, then read them again, take a deep breath and let them sink into your soul. If you know someone else who needs them, forward them this post. We all need to be reminded that the darkness doesn’t last forever.

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