The Road With Little Traffic

Ink on Art Alternative watercolor paper – Words: Ava Duvernay

It is great when you finally hit your stride and feel the confidence and exuberance of doing things well. It makes a good day a great day and leaves you with the feeling that you are unstoppable.

These days can be hard to find when you are not sure what you are doing or why you are doing what you do each day. Knowing your talents, skills and gifts makes navigating this big, bad world a little less intimidating. I remember in my early twenties doing things to find out what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I was good at and what brought me joy. As I grew in the knowledge of myself I began to understand the difference between being able to do something and enjoying doing something. Just because I could do it didn’t mean it brought me joy.

I believe we each have a gift or talent that makes us special. Depending upon how we use it means the difference between fighting rush hour traffic or cruising down the highway with a cool breeze blowing through our hair. One way brings us aggregation and the other soothes our soul. It also means having the courage to travel uncharted paths in order to find the one thing that leaves our mark on the world. Being able to live with a bit of uncertainty while working to find ourselves means living with trial and error, fear and accomplishment, and not always living the life other people think you should be living. It means navigating the ‘shoulds’ other people throw our direction by leaving them by the side of the road while we move forward in confidence.

No one said finding your way would be easy. No one said finding yourself at any age is simple. And no one guaranteed any of us that once we do know ourselves that everyone else will understand and support everything we do. In this life there are no promises of acceptance or success so we need to have the courage to define those things for ourselves. We need to travel in our own lane, which this quote reminds us is usually a road with very little traffic.

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