And Not Giving a Damn!

Ink & Gel Pen on Pastel Paper – Words: Gore Vidal

On this Memorial Day let us be reminded that people gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy freedom. Freedom to express ourselves, show our style, be unique and not care what anyone else thinks. We have the freedom to spend or not spend, speak or stay quiet, vote or choose not to participate and no one can put us in jail for any of that. Men and women gave their lives so that we could be our own unique selves as citizens and as a country.

Part of being free means knowing who you are, what you believe and what you are willing to stand up for. That includes standing up for yourself, your own ideas and your personal needs. Relationships can be hard, frustrating, exciting and even amazing. To have those kinds of relationships we need to be willing to be people who allow others to be themselves, to give them the freedom to speak their minds AND listen so we can understand what they want, need and desire. Freedom is a two way street not a dead end.

So today as we celebrate our Memorial Day let us give thanks for the people, places and privileges we have as Americans to express ourselves even if no one else cares. We can show our style and our selves and not care one bit about what anyone else thinks. We can shout, be silent or walk away from what we do or don’t want. Hooray for America and the people who have served to keep America a great place to live.

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