The Earth Will Still Spin

Ink on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Unknown

There are a lot of things for us to worry about when we live our lives. Paying the bills, caring for the people, making the right choices, moving forward or staying in place, how to use our talents and skills and how to navigate when things change. Everyday we are faced with something new, different, more options, less options and the choice is really ours about which way we want to travel. These words reminded me that no matter how monumental I think my choice may be, if I am blessed with another day tomorrow the earth will still spin around the sun.

There are constants in life that we can depend upon to happen each and everyday. When we wake, put our feet on the floor and get moving it is another chance to live life. I do not have to be concerned about HOW these things happen I simply need to appreciate that they still are happening. I can then focus my efforts on other things. It’s a huge sigh of relief that I do not have to control everything even if some days it feels that way.

Last night we had rain, The bugs came out and the birds ate some of the bugs. The flowers grew and the grass grew enough to need to be cut. The dogs ran through the yard and ‘did their business’ as they have been trained. The Chinese restaurant where we ordered dinner was excellent – as always – and we were glad not to have to cook. The grocery store had food to feed us and supplies we needed to live. The home supply store had the project elements we needed and the fast food we ate was enough to fill our stomachs. All in all is was an ordinary day and above all else the earth still spun and I didn’t have to think about it once.

Maybe it is time to have an ordinary day, to allow ourselves the chance to enjoy the mundane portions of life even if it means we are bored. We are alive, breathing and we have been given a day to do something, anything we want. Sure there are the must do things, those happen to us all. Maybe today is the day we just do everyday stuff and enjoy not having to rule the world. Today the earth will still spin and we do not have to do anything to make that happen.

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