What Your Humor Reveals About You

Sumi & gel ink on Marbleized Paper – Words: Goethe

Laughter is a great outlet and as this quote reminds us that it is a way to see inside someone’s character. We all have such different shapes and sizes of humor that what one person thinks is funny another person might think is tragic.

Ever been in the situation where something horrible happens and you have the urge to laugh? It’s a terrible feeling and yet you know that something has struck you as funny in the situation, most likely something other people do not see. It can be hard to explain sense of humor yet it is a large part of who we are as people. Being able to laugh out loud at ourselves, at the unexpected, at jokes and riddles or stories reveals who we are and what we think.

I had a colleague who always told off color jokes. Most people laughed except myself and one other person. One day he told me I had no sense of humor. I let me know I had a great sense of humor, I just didn’t think putting other people down and being racially insensitive was funny. He then called me an unkind name, and truly revealed his character. I then totally understood that to be accepted by him I had to always agree with him, that never happened.

Laughter is the best medicine for pain, tragedies, bonding and seeing the situation from another perspective. Some of us can do that right away and others need to time to be able to look back and see the humor in it all. Funny stories from our past help us process it all and put it into the proposer light for where we are now in life.

Take time today to find the humor in your life, your day, your situation. A good laugh will help heal the cracks in your soul and the retelling of your tale could bring joy to someone else who needs a good laugh as well.

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