Words of Comfort: Macaroni & Cheese for the Soul

Sumi ink and Markers on Art Alternative Watercolor Paper

For week eighteen of our calligraphy challenge we were asked to do something with words of comfort. The first thing I thought of was macaroni and cheese, but how do you do that in calligraphy? I pondered a bit then thought of more things that are bringing me comfort so I decided to make a collage inspired piece. I used Sumi ink and applied it via a needle tipped applicator, then filled in the negative space outside the letters with various markers. I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

I think one of the things that makes us all so unique is where we find comfort. During times of stress and isolation what do we do, or eat, and where do we go to find personal solace? I know people that run, walk, write, watch movies, cook, clean, sleep, and and an endless list of other things to help them feel better. Part of growing up is knowing ourselves and knowing how we handle things well and when we handle them badly. It is important to know our “buttons” and what it looks like when they get pushed. Being in a relationship with people means getting to know these things as well.

I also find it funny the lies we tell ourselves, or the things we do not want to believe we do or say. We pretend we do or do not do certain things thinking that no one else will notice, when in actuality they usually know these things before we do. These are our blind spots, the poker tell habits we do without thinking that reveal a great deal about how we are thinking or feeling.

Knowing ourselves means being honest about who we are and not pretending to be something we are not. Putting on airs or acting a certain way to get people to like us only leaves us empty because they may like us, but we do not end up liking ourselves. Creating words of comfort this week allowed me to be honest and validate how well I know myself. And that is a very good thing…it was like macaroni and cheese for my soul!


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