Having the Chutzpah

Ink on Art Alternative Watercolor Paper
Words: Rollo May

We all want to be courageous. Be it in our career, our life choices or how we make our decisions. We all want to be courageous. We therefore think that people who are not courageous are cowards. When I read this quote I was reminded that conformity is the true opposite of courage.

There is a certain portion of our lives in which we all conform. Be it our work, our neighborhood, the way we worship or the way we serve our community, there is a rhythm to life when we fit the mold together. Then there are the ways we choose to live our lives that go against the norm. Not coloring our hair – over seventy-five percent of Americans dye their hair. Maybe we spend differently, or choose to save and live within our means and not buy things on credit. Maybe we live off the grid or are not on all the popular social media sites. Maybe we choose to live our life without worrying what other people think or believe, or we simply make life decisions on what we believe not on fads or trends.

There are lots of ways to be courageous we just have to pay attention to the battles worth that fight. We also have to choose what we want and make life decisions to support those desires no matter what everyone else is doing. When you are courageous not everyone will like or understand you. There may be times when you find yourself alone or outcast from the group. The thing to think about is that most people admire courage and choose to follow people who live, act and talk with courage. Not many of us say. “Hey, I want to follow them they are just like everyone else.” Choose today to be courageous in one thing and go to sleep knowing you had the chutzpah not to conform.

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